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Find answers to questions as: Where can I find what I am looking for? Are my contents legally compliant?

In times of digitalisation, the amount of electronic data is constantly increasing. This data is mostly available in unstructured form. In order to use all data, it must be recorded, managed, stored and made available. This is the task of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

We support you in planning and implementing document management and archiving solutions. Use ECM to make all data usable and exploit the full potential of your company. 

ECM – Everything at a glance

TIMETOACT – The number of electronic documents or data in companies is continuously increasing. In addition, a large part of this data, such as videos, images and office documents, is unstructured. All these data and documents must be managed, stored and archived within the company. The systems in which the files are available are often very diverse and confusing. Emails, spool files, SAP content or web services: Where can I find what I am looking for? And is my content even legally compliant?

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Sensitive paper documents were not available to every employee. Naturally, this restrictive access had to be reflected in the electronic system.

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Mailroom for carefree document processing

With our mailroom service, we relieve your employees so that they can focus on their most important tasks.

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