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    We believe in the power of networking.

    Insurance companies thrive on making a promise to people - and that promise is security. 

    Crucial to success is not only the mastery of new technologies and new forms of collaboration, but above all a change in corporate culture: automation and collaboration with learning systems are changing almost all job roles. Success in the digital age requires networking and flexibility. This means: access to data and connection to data sources, rapid provision of content in context, and efficient control of operations and processes beyond corporate boundaries.

    These issues are relevant to insurers:

    Together we will find the optimal path to digitalisation. In doing so, we support and accompany you in these four central topics, which offer insurance companies great potential.

    A selection of our customers

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    Dr. Matthias QuaisserBusiness Development Lead - Insurance

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    Requirements and solutions in practice

    We have been working in the insurance industry for many years and with the strength of the group of companies we have already successfully implemented numerous projects.


    Growing number and variety of APIs

    Large insurance companies need uniform and secure digital interfaces to their customers and partners - also for connecting mobile apps and web applications. The growing number and variety of APIs creates challenges for maintenance, lifecycle management and security.

    Our solution

    Digital interfaces

    By defining API design guidelines, HUK-COBURG paved the way to the API economy. Requirements for automation, lifecycle management and security enforcement were taken into account. The introduction of guidelines and toolchains for service developers accelerated the API development process.


    Outdated workstation

    The on-screen workstation of the insurance employees was no longer felt to be up to date. The flow of information was complex and cumbersome, there was a lot of email "ping pong" and searching for information took a lot of time.

    Our solution

    Digital workplace

    Establishing a digital workplace that takes into account all the requirements of modern collaboration and exploits the technological possibilities: central, role-based provision of information and uniform navigation on all devices, overarching search functions and collaboration.


    More complex authentication and administration requirements

    With 15,000 employees, Europe's largest pension insurer is responsible for 25 million insured persons. The old system for authentication and administration of users no longer met the increasingly complex requirements of the customer and its partners. Any change could only be made with time-consuming adaptation of the source code. There was no flexibility for different user authorizations.

    Our solution

    Construction of a flexible authentication system

    The customer sought comprehensive advice from ARS, as part of the TIMETOACT GROUP, on a possible IT architecture that would take its requirements into account. A flexible authentication system with a hierarchically structured and at the same time decentrally controllable administration of user rights was developed and implemented. In addition, ARS provided support for the security audit of the system and for employee training.

    Successful insurance companies rely on collaboration with business partners and service providers in the ecosystem.

    Dr. Matthias QuaisserBusiness Development Lead - InsuranceTIMETOACT GROUP

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