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    IT strategy – A clear goal and the way to achieve it

    The IT strategy provides you with the plan for the long-term development of your IT organisation, necessary technologies, processes and digital culture.Get in touch with us

    Support your business goals optimally with a clear IT strategy

    Understanding the challenges

    The starting point for the IT strategy is a common understanding of the company's challenges. This is followed by an analysis of the actual situation in IT, which makes the challenges clearer.

    Value contribution orientation of IT

    The value contribution of IT is determined by the effectiveness and efficiency of IT support for customers and business processes. Accordingly, goals are derived, the achievement of which can be verified with the help of defined indicators and measured values.

    Development of a plan of action

    The "What should we achieve?" becomes "How do we achieve it?". With an IT strategy, measures to achieve the goals are developed, prioritised, selected and then combined in action plans.

    The central task of IT is to support business processes in a demand-oriented, cost-efficient and secure manner. The IT strategy describes the ways to achieve this goal and ensures that the desired changes are implemented in a holistic manner. 

    In this way, suitable technical solutions and IT services are to be defined for business-critical processes, and efficient and secure IT operation is to be guaranteed in the long term.

    We answer your questions:
    • How do I derive the goals for IT from my organisation's strategy?
    • Which topics should an IT strategy cover?
    • How does the IT strategy map the interaction between digital transformation and agile IT organisation?
    • What levers does the IT strategy provide for changing the culture, structures, processes and systems in IT?
    • How should strategic guidelines be formulated and the target picture for IT visualised?

    We find your individual IT strategy

    We advise you holistically in the derivation of a custom-fit and implementation-oriented IT strategy. Our experts have experience from numerous IT strategy projects with public authorities, family businesses, SMEs and international corporations. 

    Analysis of the current situation

    We support clients in assessing the current alignment of the IT strategy with the business strategy of the company / authority.

    Definition of the IT target image

    We help to design an innovative IT target picture that combines corporate strategy and digital strategy.

    Pointing out changes

    What changes are derived from the IT strategy? We provide answers with a view to governance, processes, technologies and projects, among other things.

    Implementation of the IT strategy

    Grafik zur Umsetzung der IT-Strategie


    A clear mandate from IT management, access to and availability of the necessary contacts on the client side, as well as a sanction-free discussion of grievances, deficits or ideas and approaches for possible changes are decisive for the success of our support in deriving an IT strategy.

    Our standard approach is based on the Mintzberg Model:

    Event Analysis: Looking Back
    • What path has the company taken so far?
    • Which strategies have proven successful and which have not?
    Benchmarking: Looking sideways
    Present Analysis: The View from Above
    Structural analysis: the view from below
    Scenarios: Looking ahead
    Creativity: Looking beyond

    Requirements for the IT strategy:

    We have all the requirements that your IT strategy must fulfil in view for you.

    • Performance in focus:

      Companies can no longer compete successfully without IT, and public administration is also dependent on IT. The IT strategy must reflect the growing demands on IT, especially with regard to the digital transformation, the cultural change in work and the increasing cybercrime.

    • Binding target picture:

      Derived from the corporate strategy, the IT strategy summarises the medium- to long-term goals and design fields for the IT of a company/authority in a binding manner. It also defines measures to track the implementation of the IT strategy, to constantly review the strategic orientation and to flexibly adapt to changing conditions if necessary.

    • Holistic view:

      An IT strategy should sufficiently take into account all relevant parameters (corporate goals, established processes along the value chain, existing resources and technologies, ongoing projects, customer and supplier requirements, organisational and technological developments, etc.).

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