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Achieve a positive customer experience with your digital strategies and ensure the continued success of your company.

In trade, a positive customer experience (CX) is of central importance for the continued success of a company. To achieve this, the customer's expectations must be met at all touch points. For this reason, we rely on Omni-Channel with Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, appealing design, individual digital strategies for each industry and the creation of a User Experience based on sound analyses. We support you in building long-term customer relationships and increased customer lifetime value. 

Digital strategies for the industry

synaigy – Many models of digital pioneers cannot be adapted 1:1 to the classical industry. The business models, corporate and sales structures are complex and often very specific. Industrial companies are producers and brands which operate trade at various levels and have different international structures depending on the respective region. At first sight, an overall digital strategy seems to be an unsolvable problem.

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Digital strategies for brands and manufacturers

synaigy – Above all, a brand offers orientation since the customer associates certain features with it. It is positioned and thus provides structure and support in an otherwise undifferentiated spectrum of manufacturers and products. If this is the case, then much has already been achieved for the brand. Manufacturers find themselves often enough in the situation in which they first need to build the brand. Either for the company as a whole or – often in the consumer environment – for specific products and product lines.

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Digital strategies in Omnichannel Retail

synaigy – Digital Strategies in Omnichannel Retail – from retailer to retail tech player: Which strategies should be pursued to avoid losing customers on their customer journey? This challenge can no longer be met with the traditional means of retail. Besides a new perspective a much more profound change is required.

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The TIMETOACT GROUP has implemented our requirements really well. We are very happy with the result.

Klaus-Hubert FuggerCEO Press / Communications + ITWirtschaftsrat der CDU e. V.

Customer Journey

synaigy – The digital customer experience is the decisive success factor for every company! There is often a misunderstanding in this regard since most of the time, arguments are made in a "black and white" mode. You could easily get the impression that the sales department is to be downsized. Many digitization projects in marketing and sales fail in this respect. Even today, personal contact in sales is still one of the most important moments for success – only elsewhere and with different challenges and content!

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Individual solutions for E-Commerce strategies

synaigy – Individual solutions for your E-Commerce strategy – from the creation of a new store to the modern redesign of an existing platform.
In order to keep up with these diverse and fast-moving developments, you need a strong partner.

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