Software Engineering

Meet the individual requirements of your company or project with a mixture of standard and individual software.

A software's abilities are often not sufficient to meet the individual requirements of a company or a project. Our goal is the optimal mix of standard and individual development suitable for your requirements. In doing so, we provide holistic support for your development projects, from architecture consulting to application lifecycle management. No matter if small apps or complex business solutions – together we develop the right software for you!

The Art of Software Engineering

ARS – The word art describes any developed activity based on knowledge, practice, perception, imagination and intuition. There are works of art that are so abstract that the human senses fail to grasp them. They influence our communication, our way of living and working and revolutionize the world.

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Individual solutions for every problem

novaCapta – Even the extensive functionalities of Office 365 and SharePoint can not always meet all your requirements by simple configuration. The goal of our solutions is to find the optimal mix of standard components and individual development suitable for your requirements so that a smooth integration into your systems is achieved.

Esperanto for data and systems

novaCapta – A colorful mix of software applications that communicate with each other and share data at different locations – Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is therefore a central topic in large IT environments.

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Thank you very much for providing us with your mobile agenda app for the European Technical Managers Forum. Thank you also for the great efforts of your team in entering the data and setting up the app. The app was very positively received by the attendees and the event was a great sucess!

Marc OsbornPresales Leader EuropeIBM Social Business

With the TIMETOACT GROUP we optimize our website step by step for mobile devices. The project steps are completely flexible and adapt to our time and budget planning.

Ory Daniel LasersteinHead of Department Online Media, Division Communication BDEW, Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V.

Cross-technology software for every requirement

edcom – We live in a digital world – for a long time now, it has seemed as if there was a suitable software or app for every problem. But especially in the corporate context, we often find that the existing programs do not fully meet the requirements: they do not provide all the necessary functions, cannot be operated intuitively or are simply not secure enough. We therefore support companies with competent software development, combining years of experience with vision.

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Individual enterprise application with Application Development

TIMETOACT – Application Development is the process of designing and developing one or more applications. A distinction is made between different types: A few of the best known applications are mobile apps and web applications. But database applications or enterprise applications are also very popular and help to automate business processes.

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Our Success Stories in Software Engineering: