Process Integration & Automation

Open new business opportunities through integrated and optimized processes based on intelligent, digitally networked systems.

Digitizing and improving business processes and reacting to changes in an agile way – more and more companies are facing respective challenges. This makes it all the more important to open new business opportunities based on intelligent, digitally networked systems through integrated and optimized processes. The discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) describes a management concept that measures, analyzes and improves the quality of business processes.

Our process and automation expertise supports you in making optimal use of the productivity potential of your processes. We will relieve your daily work according to the motto "Manage, Automate, Optimize".

Business Process Management (BPM)

X-INTEGRATE – Business Process Management (short BPM) is a management concept for describing, controlling, modeling and last but not least optimizing business processes. It supports companies in improving collaboration and achieving business goals faster. Automated processes reduce costs while increasing agility and quality of the company.

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Enterprise Integration

X-INTEGRATE – Today's companies see themselves forced to constantly improve their business processes, e.g. in production, supply or sales. This is especially caused by the rise of open markets. Process improvements, often achieved through change, require a high degree of agility in business processes. Due to a strong focus on core competencies, business transactions are more and more handled in a distributed manner.

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New paths with Industrie 4.0

X-INTEGRATE – With "Industrie 4.0", the industrial revolution takes a completely new approach. Production, information and communication technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. The aim is to create self-controlling production processes based on cyber-physical production systems and modern IT technologies. Intelligent, digitally networked systems form the technical basis for this.

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Whether for installations, training, adjustments or the identification and elimination of error sources – in all project phases, the experts of the TIMETOACT GROUP were (and are) always at our side.

Jörg RafflenbeulGroup Coordinator ITHeitkamp & Thumann Group


edcom – Manufacturer or platform changes usually present companies with the challenge of a very complex migration project. If the change concerns a migration from IBM Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Office 365 or other solutions, it may not only be a matter of pure messaging migration, but may also affect very complex workflow applications and Notes databases.

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Optimal digitalization of processes & workflows

novaCapta – "Manage, Automate, Optimize" is a cycle known from many management methods and designed for continuous improvement. Our process and automation expertise supports you in making optimal use of the productivity potential of your processes.

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Easy Processes with Microsoft Power Platform Innovation

novaCapta – Developing applications for your company is getting easier thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform – above all, this can be achieved without any major development effort.

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Move large amounts of data quickly and silently

novaCapta – We move your data silently and gently into the Cloud. For this, we bring experience, methodology and references.

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DevOps – More than a concept

novaCapta – Companies that are able to react very quickly to changes have a rapid competitive advantage. Those who manage to satisfy new customer needs in short cycles will be successful.

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Our Success Stories in Process Integration & Automation