Digital Workplace & Employee Experience

Digital Workplace & Employee Experience

Collaboration in real-time – no matter when, where and who. We offer services for adoption, integration and customization in the field of Digital Workplaces.Contact us now

The Digital Workplace gained in importance, especially in recent months, becoming essential for many companies. The Microsoft Office 365 platform provides an ideal basis for this development. However, the Digital Workplace also includes intranet and collaboration environments, e.g. using the G Suite, which enables real-time collaboration from anywhere.

  • We offer services for adoption, integration and customization in the Digital Workplace and advise you on the right software such as Meister, Freshworks and Advanced Admin. Feel free to contact us!


Ensure hybrid work models

The latest figures confirm the upward trend of the digital workplace and cloud applications in German companies. Here, more than 75% of all companies already rely on cloud solutions. Now that we are on the verge of a shift to a hybrid work model, where you do part of your work at home and occasionally come into the office, it is necessary to rely on applications in the cloud early enough.

Digital Workplace & Cloud

Work in the cloud

The Digital Workplace describes digital applications that can be used to perform all typical office tasks. Generally, such applications are integrated in the cloud, allowing employees to collaborate digitally and flexibly. Benefit from the advantages of working in the cloud for employers and employees.

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Our new intranet was very well received by our employees. The search and information functions were used right away, all other areas are established more and more every day.

Manfred MeindlManager Intranet and Online MarketingVAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG


Creation of a modern digital workplace

You want to improve the digital workplace in your company and reap the benefits. But you don't know how best to go about it and what needs to be considered?

Digital Workplace

Make collaboration across locations simple

With the Digital Workplace, companies not only enable innovative and effective ways of working, but also use it to help increase employee engagement and agility. In addition to cross-site collaboration and knowledge sharing, the guiding principle of a modern digital workplace is that it simplifies processes and collaboration and enables flexible access from anywhere.

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New tool introduction - but how?

Are you about to introduce Microsoft 365, Teams or do you want to optimize your digital collaboration? If you succeed in getting your team excited about collaboration in the networked world, you will create real acceptance for new solutions in the company. For this reason, it is important that projects are always accompanied by professional and sustainable change management.

Change Management

We accompany you in your change management

With the right tools (toolset), the knowledge of how to use them (skillset) and the will to use them (mindset), your employees will be successfully taken on the journey to the digital workplace. For us, change is more than knowing about generally applicable models; we know the needs, concerns and fears of users on their way to the digital workplace. 

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Shape collaboration efficiently

Efficient collaboration between people is the most important success factor in companies. Today, it is no longer primarily about where employees work, it is about how. A modern, flexible and stable communication and collaboration infrastructure has therefore become indispensable for employees and employers.

Collaboration & Intranet

We create your collaboration and intranet solution

For successful collaboration in your company, we recommend both: an intranet solution and a collaboration platform. While the modern intranet is mainly intended for internal communication, collaboration platforms offer versatile possibilities for efficient collaboration.

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Our new intranet was very well received by our employees. As it turns out, the integrated internal communication improves and accelerates employee acceptance of HCL Connections. The Web Content Management Extension can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. The department appreciates especially the simple way in which landing page content is created and managed.

Manfred MeindlManager Intranet and Online MarketingVAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

Our Success Stories in Digital Workplace & Employee Experience:

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