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Collaboration in real-time – no matter when, where and who. We offer services for adoption, integration and customization in the field of Digital Workplaces.

The Digital Workplace gained in importance, especially in recent months, becoming essential for many companies. The Microsoft Office 365 platform provides an ideal basis for this development. However, the Digital Workplace also includes intranet and collaboration environments, e.g. using the G Suite, which enables real-time collaboration from anywhere.

We offer services for adoption, integration and customization in the Digital Workplace and advise you on the right software such as Meister, Freshworks and Advanced Admin. Feel free to contact us!

Better collaboration and communication with the Digital Workplace

TIMETOACT – Make your Digital Workplace the place where you can really reach your employees and communicate with them eye to eye. Create the basis for modern teamwork. The Digital Workplace is a user- and role-dependent central work environment and intelligently connects all the people, information and processes you need to successfully and efficiently perform your tasks. A Digital Workplace is a new way of working with state-of-the-art technology.

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Microsoft Office 365 as ideal basis for the Digital Workplace

GIS – The Microsoft Office 365 platform – with the services Mail, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint Online, the Low-Code Power Platform as well as Intranet extensions as Valo Intranet – is an ideal basis for the Digital Workplace. Here, all services are consolidated and integrated in one platform to create a consistent and modern UI user experience and accelerate the implementation of digital processes.

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Our new intranet was very well received by our employees. The search and information functions were used right away, all other areas are established more and more every day.

Manfred MeindlManager Intranet and Online MarketingVAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

O365 helps you to set out for the Digital Business World of tomorrow

novaCapta – More and more companies decide to replace old file sharing servers and move to Office 365. However, this step often presents them with major challenges. A large number of systems and structures – some of which have grown over the years – are available to employees in their everyday work and need to be combined to form the Digital Workplace. Collaboration is at the heart of this process. In a collaborative intranet, employees need clear, logical structures and simple ways of working together in order to successfully experience digital change.

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The intranet as information center

novaCapta – Today, an intranet can be an information center and service desk, a communication channel and an entry point to the Digital Workplace. The transitions are becoming more and more smooth but the structures of the intranet as a digital information center remain intact.

Collaboration optimally controlled and organized

novaCapta – As experienced specialists in the implementation of intranet and collaboration environments, we are the right partner to accompany the entire process from analysis to implementation.

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Our new intranet was very well received by our employees. As it turns out, the integrated internal communication improves and accelerates employee acceptance of HCL Connections. The Web Content Management Extension can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. The department appreciates especially the simple way in which landing page content is created and managed.

Manfred MeindlManager Intranet and Online MarketingVAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

The new Google Workspace

CLOUDPILOTS – From G Suite to Google Workspace: May we present: G Suite becomes Google Workspace! The new design, the compact features and the tailored plans make working in the Cloud accessible for newcomers and professionals. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations are always available and editable for you and your colleagues at the same time as well as secure – in one of the largest Clouds worldwide.

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G Suite for Education – the digital classroom for your home

CLOUDPILOTS – Google for Education offers teachers and students the opportunity to enter the digital classroom from anywhere with a variety of tools. This way, students can learn and study together at school or at home. The simple yet extremely powerful G Suite helps teachers to satisfy students' curiosity and promote group cohesion with interactive tasks.

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Advanced Admin – the tool for G Workspace administrators

CLOUDPILOTS – The new add-on offers a variety of tools and functions that make the tasks of administrators more pleasant. The Advanced Admin UI provides a refreshing experience when managing the G Suite. The powerful tools make otherwise cumbersome tasks quickly feasible thanks to their simplicity. Advanced Admin gives administrators more freedom to manage their time by helping them to handle unexpected tasks faster.

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