Analytics & Business Intelligence

Do justice to the number of data and information about your company, competitors and market development with analytical concepts and special software.

Analytics & Business Intelligence has become increasingly important in recent years. Companies that do not deal with Analytics and Business Intelligence find it difficult to cope with nowaday's huge amounts of data. With the help of analytical concepts and special software you can collect data of your own company, competitors or market developments to make your business processes and customer and supplier relationships more successful.

Our experts can advise you on all aspects of Analytics & Business Intelligence as well as Advanced, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. This includes individual workshops, Data Integration and Governance, Data Warehouse as well as Data Vault and reports.

Analytics & Business Intelligence – Know your data

TIMETOACT – If you want to succeed in the global competition, you need to know your data. In the digital age, companies are faced with major challenges. The desire for fast, reliable and agile acquisition of decision-relevant data meets a constantly growing mountain of data that needs to be handled. We have dedicated ourselves to these challenges.

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Web Analysis is the basis for an optimal customer experience

synaigy – For a perfect user experience you need a creative mind, time and personnel. Are these investments worthwhile at all? Standard KPIs like turnover, average shopping cart value and bounce rate are interesting. In the "Age of the Customer", building a perfect user experience based on sound analysis is essential for building long-term customer relationships and increasing customer lifetime value.

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With the addition of Business Intelligence, the TIMETOACT GROUP completes its IBM solution portfolio and strengthens its position in the market. In the next few years, companies of all sizes will be looking for solutions that enable a more intelligent use of their data.

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Advanced Analytics – Optimization of Business Processes

X-INTEGRATE – In the long term, the digital transformation changes the foundation of every company. Those who want to achieve the greatest possible benefits and best results in their business fields depend on identifying risks early on, optimizing business processes and using resources with maximum efficiency. Advanced Analytics includes a broad spectrum of tools that can examine business processes and help to bring about changes and improvements.

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Predictive Analytics – Predictions on basis of existing data

X-INTEGRATE – With Predictive Analytics, X-INTEGRATE supports companies to predict a possible future based on existing data. This way, they gain a decisive competitive advantage. Progressive digital transformation and an increase in the networking of systems make it possible to be informed about the status of internal processes at any time, independent of location and department.

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Prescriptive Analytics – Determining the optimal solution

X-INTEGRATE – While Descriptive Analytics tries to provide insight into what happened and Predictive Analytics helps to model and predict possible future events, Prescriptive Analytics' goal is to determine the optimal solution or the best result among various possibilities based on known parameters. Moreover, Prescriptive Analytics can suggest decision options, e.g. how to take advantage of a future opportunity or mitigate a future risk.

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Statistical analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics

TIMETOACT GROUP Switzerland – SPSS Statistics 27 was released on June 17, 2020 and is available as bundle, single product or module and as subscription. Bundles and single products are traditionally licensed, as a purchase license with support or as a rental license for e.g. project work for a certain period of time. Subscriptions are bundled module packages that are less expensive than traditional licenses. The software can be used on Windows, mac OS and Linux (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE) operating systems.

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Both, the standard budget report as well as the decentralized planning were met with great approval and enthusiasm. The decision for this software house was absolutely right.

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The TIMETOACT BI solution maps our dynamic market environment very well. Strategic and operational planning benefit equally from our new system.

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