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    We are the TIMETOACT GROUP!

    TIMETOACT GROUP modernises and integrates IT applications for upper midmarket companies, fortune 500 enterprises and the public sector, with the goal of increasing their agility, efficiency, and transparency. In addition, TIMETOACT GROUP designs and implements digital business models, opening up new market opportunities for its innovative customers.

    Its services include consulting and cloud transformation as well as data, software and system engineering in the fields of employee experience, business applications, and customer experience.

    TIMETOACT GROUP combines its own expertise with that of its partners and leading manufacturers to develop customised solutions for its customers, including software selection, consulting and licensing.

    TIMETOACT GROUP comprises the IT brands ARS, catworkx, CLOUDPILOTS, edcom, IPG, novaCapta, PKS, synaigy, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. Together they employ a staff of approx. 880 people at 16 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    The companies of the TIMETOACT GROUP:

    Facts and Figures:


    We have just about 880 employees.


    You can find us at 16 sites in the DACH region.


    The TIMETOACT GROUP includes ten companies.

    Countries (DACH)

    We are located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    The Management

    Felix Binsack
    Hermann Ballé
    Frank Fuchs

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