Are you interested in how to create an Universal Intranet based on IBM Connections and the IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC) – previously known as XCC? An integrated Intranet, that spans Internal Communication, Collaboration and Custom Applications? Take part in our ICEC Websession! You will be fascinated to see what is possible with this Add-On for IBM Connections. Additionally to the features and possibilities of ICEC, you may also keep looking forward to customers’ experiences and use cases with that will be shown.

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XCC Introduction, Value Proposition, Demo & News -Websession

Special Focus:

  • XCC 13.0
  • XCC Cloud
  • 24 Use Cases

Further Topics:

  • Value Proposition –
    Reduce Attention Fragmentation, Content Redundancy, Overlap and Inconsistency, Cost and Complexity
  • Know, Share, Do –
    Intranet Requirements for Internal Communications, Enterprise Collaboration & Custom Personalization
  • Personalization –
    Active, Passive and Hybrid Personalization
  • From Consumption to Contribution –
    Increase IBM Connections Usage, Adoption and ROI
  • Pricing, Projects & Professional Services –
    Information Architecture, Implementation, Customization, Training

For whom is the Webcast interesting?

  • Internal Communications Managers (interested in increasing content visibility)
  • IBM Connections Product Owner
  • IT Managers (interested in reducing complexity and cost)

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XCC Project & Technical Enablement Webcasts

This Webcasts have already taken place – You missed them? We recorded them for you, have a look!

XCC Technical Implementation

This session will teach you how to quickly get started on your Digital Transformation journey, with a step-by-step live demo that will show how to leverage the IBM Connections Cloud and/or On-Premise infrastructure with XCC to improve the IBM Digital Workplace Hub experience. We show you how to install XCC on Linux and a DB2 database. This will include the configurations for the mobile App, XCC4Community, the Anonymous Access and the FlyOut Page. To round things out we even show you how to use XCC’s great functionality in Communities and with Anonymous Access.

Speakers: Michael Gollmick, Christian Luxem
For whom is it interesting? IT-Manager, Administrators

Make it your own: How to Customize the IBM Digital Workplace Hub

Using the IBM Digital Workplace Hub generates creates a new and exciting work experience. In this session we will show you how to quickly adapt the IBM Digital Workplace Hub to your organizations requirements. We will demonstrate alternative concepts to integrate and navigate between internal communications and enterprise collaboration. Learn how to design and control layout and functionality with custom grids, custom CSS, custom JavaScript modules. Then you will learn how even the most complex organizations can easily target their users precisely with relevant content. Furthermore, we show how to set up personalisation with profile extensions.

Speaker: Michael Gollmick
Who would be interested? Content Managers, Internal Communication Managers

Turn IBM Connections and XCC (the IBM Digital Workplace) into an Appealing Hub for Custom and Legacy Applications

We will demo how to integrate content from external sources, Domino and other applications using the ATOM/RSS, Clipping, HTML and iFrame widgets. We will demonstrate how to create custom CSS, custom JavaScript modules and custom widgets. Furthermore, we will explain advanced concepts of widget-to-widget communication, REST Services Integration and the use of the Connections AJAX-Proxy. We will demonstrate how to utilize the IBM Forms Experience Builder to quickly create and integrate custom applications with forms, lists and workflows.

Speakers: Michael Gollmick, Christian Luxem
Who would be interested: Content Managers, Internal Communication Managers

The IBM Digital Workplace Hub is about people. You need to make it work for them.

Our agile project approach always focuses on the value and benefits for the people involved. Based on our extensive experiences in customer projects, we will show you why someone should care? How you can support adoption and what truly useful technology you should supply to your target group. Let us show you how to successfully engage all stakeholder and user groups answering these three simple questions.

Speakers: Jan Gröne, Anna Rudschies
Who would be interested? Project Members, Internal Communication, Stakeholder

XCC and Rapid Application Development with the Forms Experience Builder: Enrich your Intranet with Custom-Made Applications

Any good intranet requires internal communications, social collaboration and integrated applications to function as a good integrated digital workplace. In this session Felix Binsack will show you how to create your own web-applications using the Forms Experience Builders (FEB) and XCC, without any programming knowledge. You will learn how to use the graphical user interface provided by FEB and how to integrate your applications into your Intranet using XCC. Furthermore, we will present you our use-cases to highlight the possibilities of extending your applications with custom CSS and JS.

  • Introduction to FEB
  • Generating Applications with FEB
  • Integrating Applications into XCC
  • Use Cases and Best Practices

Speaker: Peter Malcher
Who would be interested? Content Managers, Community Managers, Internal Communication Managers, Developers

Getting Started with the IBM Digital Workplace Hub

In this session you will learn how to quickly get started on your digital transformation journey with a step-by-step live demo that will show how to leverage the IBM Connections Cloud and/or On-Prem infrastructure with XCC into the IBM Digital Workplace Hub. We will explain the concept of content, widgets and pages in the Digital Workplace Hub. We will show you how easy it is to customize the look and feel of your landing page. We will also focus on just how effortlessly XCC can be integrated into Communities by giving you an example of how XCC can showcase the most valuable content of a community.

Speaker: Babett Schäfer
Who would be interested? Content Managers, Community Managers, Internal Communication Managers