Our Web Content Management Extension (XCC) now offers many new features and even more possibilites for personalization. With the implemented personalized Home Page, you can select different XCC Startpages for different groups of people based on any Connections profile attribute (e.g. Language, Country, Division etc.). This is ideal for multi-national or multi-lingual organizations.

New Features

The Web Content Management Extension enhances IBM Connections with classic Web Content Management System (CMS) capabilities and thus integrates the two antipodes of any intranet, i.e. peer-to-peer collaboration with top-down communication.

Our Web Content Management Extension (XCC) now offers many possibilities for personalization. The XCC Release 6.0 includes new

  • Personalized Home Page
  • Forum Widget
  • People Selector Widget
  • Picture Slider in Embedded Experience
  • Stand-Alone Blogs and Wikis
  • Embedded Videos
  • Internet Explorer 11 Support
  • IBM Connections 4.5 CR5 Support
  • and many more

Enhancements, Bug fixes, Performance Improvements

  • HTTP traffic reduced by optimized Feed-Size (News Feeds)
  • Improved search for selected posts
  • Improved Widget Edit Action
  • Improved User Selection (with Avatar image)
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Fixed IE Upload Issues
  • Double Right Mouse Button to Close EE
XCC Release
XCC Release

Contact us or visit our XCC Greenhouse-Community for download and testing.