The Raiffeisenbank Group Vorarlberg planned to open their data silos and make processes more transparent. They provide information on their new social intranet not only centrally available, but at the same time allow the virtual dialogue amongst Vorarlberg employees. The Social Collaboration Platform IBM Connections and the extension XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps group bridges the gap between collaboration and communication. The intuitive landing pages planned with XCC inspire and improve the acceptance of employees for the social intranet.

Initial situation

The previous 20-year old intranet was designed for one-way communication. A viral collaboration, also across departmental and company boundaries, took place via e-mail and information databases. This resulted in numerous informational challenges in the organizational environment. Keeping an overview of upcoming tasks and projects in the abundance of e-mail correspondence was difficult. Therefore, the company group was looking for a way to simplify virtual collaboration across departments and locations.

Mag. Wolfgang Ponesch, Direktor Raiffeisen Rechenzentrums KG„The virtualization of collaboration is much more efficient with an instrument such as Connections and especially XCC. Our employees expect a clear and structured user management. XCC creates this structure in an excellent way. “ Mag. Wolfgang Ponesch, Director of the Raiffeisen Computer Center KG

Our solution

Early on, the company made the decision to use the market-leading social collaboration platform IBM Connections to simplify cross-group communication. In the new Social Intranet employees can work together in communities, wikis and blogs, to name only a few examples. With the XCC – Web Content & Custom Application Extension, the company also gains the opportunity to bundle content into structured and intuitive landing pages. Every employee can sight all content relevant to him at a glance – depending on his location, his company or department.

Value for the customer

The collaboration capabilities of IBM Connections make virtual collaboration easier and more transparent. XCC provides intuitive user guidance. The employees involved in the first phase use the social intranet because of this familiar and easy-to-use interface. The look and feel of XCC thus enables low-threshold access to the information in dialogue. Intransparent data silos are a thing of the past with the new Social Intranet.

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About Raiffeisen Rechenzentrums KG

Raiffeisen Rechenzentrums KG is a 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisenlandesbank Vorarlberger and responsible for all IT matters for all Raiffeisen banks in Vorarlberg / Austria. With more than 1150 terminals, the data center provides its bank staff with everything a modern bank needs for IT solutions.

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