With the latest release of our Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT), we now support Connections 5.0 CR1 configuration and features. Additionally, many new features and bugfixes have been added.


  • Full support for users without email address
  • Choice between formbased and basic authentication for all Connections REST calls
  • Full support for new CR1 configuration properties
  • Added help for all CAT views
  • Improved session timeout


  • Fixed broken exports of result lists
  • Fixed bug where changing a Community or Files policy didn’t work
  • Fixed database connection problem after the database was taken offline for backups
  • Fixed bug where REST Test didn’t purge the test community
  • Fixed broken Blogs URL preview
  • Fixed bug where merging ideation blogs did not work in some cases
  • Fixed IE9 bug where only a white screen was loaded

Your Contact

New Configuration Files

Events SPI: “events-config.xml” can be configured in “General – Configuration – Event Handlers”


CCM Libraries: “library-config.xml” can be configured in “Features – Communities – Configure”, Tab “CCM Libraries”

Profile attributes: “profile-types.xml” can be configured in “Features – Profiles – Properties”

Community Picture Gallery: “gallery-config.xml” can be configured in “Features – Communities – Configure – Media Gallery”, Tab “General”

File preview: “file-preview-config.xml” can be configured in “Features – Files – Configure”, Tab “Preview”



  • Configure push-notifications
  • Configure the navigation groups for the Mobile application


  • Profiles-Properties: Configure the profile attributes for every profile type

Search – Manage

  • Link to Connections search status page for checking on Search health
  • Choose the node on which to run background tasks


By User

  • Export user lists as CSV file (separator: ‘Tab’)
  • Synchronize multiple users in a feature with Profiles database, either via ExtID or via email

Broken Profiles

  • Search for profiles that are active in the Profiles database, but inactive in one or more features


  • Installation: Configure formbased or basic authentication for REST calls
  • License Key: Configure warning messages before the key becomes invalid