Lucerne – What was Business Connect is now called the IBM Watson Summit. In November in Luzern everything revolves around Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technology, the resulting new business models as well as new possibilites for companies. Discuss new trends around Watson and the integration into your projects with our experts.

IBM Watson leads you into the cognitive era

Artificial Intelligence isn’t Science Fiction anymore. It’s reality. Systems like IBM Watson mean to have the key advantage from which companies can benifit.

Market potential is enormous. Consumers are regulary interacting with services based on Artificial Intelligence. With the help of Cognitive Technology available data is gathered, analyzed and put into new context. The goal: Discover unknown connections and reveal new possibilities.

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Artificial Intelligence helps us in our everday life and improves productivity and efficiency

In the future the right architecture around the topics data, cloud, applications and artificial intelligence will be the key to success.
With perzonalized products and services the crucial differentiator in competition can occur.

Meet us on IBM Watson Summit. We are looking forward to inform you on that topics and share our knowledge. 

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