Cologne, May 31st 2017 – As of now, IBM acquires XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension for IBM Connections. The product has been developed by TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH, a member of TIMETOACT GROUP with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The combination of IBM Connections with its strong enterprise collaboration capabilities and XCC creates a Digital Workplace Hub that unites the key factors Collaboration, Communication and Applications. IBM will integrate and scale XCC globally with the launch of a new offering called the IBM Connections Engagement Center – a single, accessible engagement center for organizational news and content within the IBM Connections Cloud platform.

Today at DNUG Conference in Berlin, Inhi Cho Suh (General Manager of Collaboration Solutions, IBM) and Felix Binsack (CEO TIMETOACT GROUP) announced the completed acquisition of TIMETOACT’s XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension for IBM Connection. With the product XCC Felix Binsack followed his idea of creating a successful digital workplace by combining the three factors internal communications, enterprise collaboration and custom applications into only one integrated platform. His solution XCC is based on the market-leading social enterprise collaboration solution IBM Connections.

XCC, which IBM plans to market as IBM Connections Engagement Center, will continue to provide a single, accessible engagement center for news and content and will be part of the IBM Collaborations Solutions division.

Felix.Binsack TIMETOACT IBM Champion“What makes IBM Connections and XCC outstanding is that it is one platform for Internal Communications and Enterprise Collaboration alike. Sounds trivial, but is unrivaled by our competitors. Enterprise Collaboration should be at the center of any Digital Workplace. Since companies generate value only through collaboration of employees, partners and customers, Internal Communications needs to be integrated into the Enterprise Collaboration platform, not the other way around as many vendors have tried.
With IBM Connections and XCC customers create a very unique user experience: there is just one platform with one content store. Thereby it is not only a single point of entry but a single point of truth. It’s easy to communicate to and engage with all employees – not just the knowledge workers. Moreover, the single platform reduces the complexity of the digital workplace dramatically.

I love to see my idea flourish. With the resources and the global reach of IBM many more customers will be able to really engage with their employees and thus drive digital transformation.”


IBM Connections Engagement Center is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2017, and will allow organizations to:

  • Increase employee engagement by drawing attention to important news, content from senior executives and employees of all levels, resources, events, files, links and applications through a site tailored to each individual’s role or location.
  • Create landing pages for senior executives, such as the CIO, as well as for departments. These sites can be integrated into one view, and maintained by individual departments.
  • Encourage collaboration and dialogue among employees through integration into the collaboration tools that they are already using.
  • Allow anyone to easily create and maintain content that can be shared on the IBM Connections Engagement Center product homepage.
DNUG Acquisition XCC by IBM © Christoph Gorke for DNUG

Felix Binsack (CEO TIMETOACT GROUP) and Inhi Cho Suh (General Manager of Collaboration Solutions, IBM), announcing the acquisition of XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension at DNUG Conference in Berlin on May 31, 2017. © Christoph Gorke for DNUG

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“As digital technologies transform the way we work and live, the need for the digital workplace has become undeniable,” said Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager of Collaboration Solutions, IBM. “TIMETOACT’s XCC solution will strengthen the IBM Connections portfolio by providing tools organizations need to increase employee engagement and reduce content fragmentation, enabling individuals to work and communicate more effectively across their organization.”

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Specific product and pricing details for the IBM Connections Engagement Center offering for on-premises and cloud deployment will be available in the coming months.

© Christoph Gorke for DNUG

© Christoph Gorke for DNUG

DNUG_Acquisition_XCC_2 © Christoph Gorke for DNUG

© Christoph Gorke for DNUG

IBM Connections

IBM Connections is an on-premises social network platform that can help your organization share knowledge beyond traditional organizational boundaries, improve decision-making, increase productivity and accelerate time to market.

XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension

XCC extends IBM Connections with Web Content Management and Application Integration capabilities. With IBM Connections and XCC customers can easily create a Universal Intranet or a Digital Workplace Hub that integrates Internal Communications, Enterprise Collaboration and Custom Application deeply and seamlessly into a Single Point of Entry and a Single Point of Truth.

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