Cologne / Tettnang:  The outdoor supplier VAUDE creates even more transparency with its new intranet “Camp”, achieving to major objectives with a single project. This integrated Social Intranet based on IBM Connections combined with Web Content Management Extension (XCC) delivers massive improvements in point-in-time information and at the same time dramatically simplifies collaboration between departments. Communication, interaction and conveyance of knowledge are key elements of the new VAUDE intranet.

The german long-standing company VAUDE focuses on transparent information politics and sustainable manufacturing not only for their range of products. This grown corporate philosophy interlaces the outdoor supplier’s internal structures as well: “We employ more than 1500 people worldwode, who’s collaboration surpasses department boundaries. For that reason we especially value uncomplicated communication tools and a collective file storage,” Manfred Meindl, Head of Online Marketing at VAUDE, points out. Network drives, intranet, or even a ‘knowledge portal’ – employees had a lot of data and informatio sources to choose from. But with diversity came difficulties as well: Content had to be managed redundantly, inconsistency in media was inevitable.

Manfred Meindl VAUDE “XCC seemlessly integrates the internal communication into IBM Connections. Departments especially appreciate how extremely easy it is to generate and manage content for landing pages. Our social intranet “Camp” has even won over sceptics after a short time.”

Manfred Meindl, Head of Online Marketing, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

Know. Share. Do – Involving employees on the intranet

Therefore, the management decided to implement a new intranet, which combines the different tools on one platform. “In our company there is so much internal know-how that is not noticed or even shared. For that reason we asked ourselves: How can we empower almost anyone in the company with the capability to publish content? With IBM Connections publishing is very easy and intuitive” Manfred Meindl recalls.The collaboration platform integrates knowledge management, file sharing and company-wide interaction. This connects employees of all departments and locations intensively and at the same time reduces the amount of e-mails sent.

Hybrid intranet convinces even skeptics quickly

„Instead of leaving the information monopoly within the management, we can include everybody in our new intranet Camp” Meindl states. Beyond that, the Web Content Management Extension (XCC) for IBM Connections ensures that relevant information can still be spread purposefully. The extension, which has been developed by TIMETOACT, enhances IBM Connections with a homepage in the classic style of an intranet. Manfred Meindl is confident about the new intranet: “XCC has contributed a lot to the fact that even skeptics could be convinced quickly by our new social intranet.”

Appealing and interesting content makes intranet attractive for employees

TIMETOACT accompanied VAUDE through the implementation and customization process of IBM Connections and XCC. The Camp design has been adapted to fit VAUDE’s corporate identity and widgets have been integrated according to VAUDE’s requirements.The question what the new structures of IBM Connections should look like and which content should appear on the homepage were discussed with all departments. By doing so, the content exactly matches the internal demand for information: It ranges from a CEO blog over the Canteen Menu, to a Birthday Calendar.

“Our new intranet has been received very well by our employees. The search function was used by everyone immediately, as was the information given on the home page. All other functions are becoming more popular each day.“

Manfred Meindl, Head of Online Marketing, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

Adding new content with a single mouse click

“Most XCC-Widgets get their content directly from Connections, be it blogs, communities or surveys. External content can be integrated just as easy.“ Babett Schäfer, Social Intranet Consultant at TIMETOACT, states. If a new post in a relevant blog or a community is created, it is automatically promoted on the homepage. A big advantage, as far as Manfred Meindl is concerned. “The departments appreciate the straight forward way of creating content for the landing pages.” Since many employees are encouraged to publish in the new Social Intranet, the amount of present-day content has increased dramatically. In addition, the infromation bandwidth is now much higher than ever before.

vaude VAUDE employs approximately 1500 people worldwide, 540 of those in the south of Germany (together with their sister brand EDELRID). VAUDE (sprich [fau’de] stands for high-quality products, innovative technology and responsible action.

  • Branch: Outdoor suplierr
  • Employees: 1 500
  • Reach: international

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