The TIMETOACT Conference App helps to create digital conference agendas which are optimized for mobile devices. Organizers and attendees gain profit from its easy and effective usage. In addition to this, Conference App user are always aware of the agenda and benefit from its topicality.

Information at a Fingertip

The Conference App is a powerful tool. It empowers attendees to be always aware of the agenda. Agenda changes are instantly taken – out-dated agenda prints are a thing of the past. It’s completely web-based, what offers highest availability on all kind of mobile devices and brands. It works on all smartphones.

It also includes an offline-mode. After participants downloaded it once, the whole functionalities can be used without internet access. The Conference App was created mainly for mobile devices, but it may also be used to display the current agenda on large public screens during your conference.

Below, we put together detailed information about

  • Agenda presentation
  • Full session & speaker details
  • Menu
Conference App Screenshot

Agenda Presentation

Conference App displays one to many conference days. The included full-text search bar makes it easy to find what attendees are looking for within just a few seconds. It searches trough agenda, speakers, abstracts and any other related files.

Important information (section title, timeslot) are well-arranged inside the agenda presentation. Color codes mark session tracks which belong together and feature highest clearity.

Conference App Screenshot

Full Session & Speaker Details

Offer attendes full agenda information on their mobile devices. Our Conference App offers a wide range of functions.

Full session details:

  • Session title
  • Session start & end time
  • Session room
  • Session abstract
  • Speaker names (one or multiple) incl. picture, company name and links to speaker profiles

The session marker enables participants to save their favourite sessions. They are available with just one click in their individual session list.

Additionally, sessions can be added to the attendees personal calendar via the “Add to Calendar” function. The generated ICS file-download is compatible to every calendar on mobile devices, PC etc.

Conference App Screenshot

Complete speaker details:

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Company
  • Links to sessions (one or multiple)

Next to the speaker-specific information, the alphabetical speaker-list offers an entire overview on all attending speakers. Users of the Conference App use the comfortable speaker search bar to search for their favorite speaker.

Conference App Screenshot

Mark Osborn“Thank you very much for providing us with your mobile agenda app for the European Technical Managers Forum. Thank you also for the great efforts of your team in entering the data and setting up the app. The app was very positively received by the attendees and the event was a great sucess!“

Mark Osborn, Presales Leader Europe, IBM Social Business

Agenda Menu

The agenda menu is an initial part of the Conference App and can be extended individually according to the conference.

Attendees reach with just one click:

  • The complete agenda presentation
  • Their individual marked session list
  • The Speaker list
  • A Conference floor map / rooms overview
    “About” page

To involve attendees, functionalities such as

  • Twitter feed for defined hashtag
  • Raffle or trivia quiz (optional)

may be added.

Conference App Screenshot

Additional Features

We can integrate nearly every optional feature. Here is an excerpt of what is possible:

  • Download presentations (public or access controlled)
  • Conference registration including session preferences (for planning room size and catering)
  • Online session / speaker evaluation
  • News (optionally with an icon displaying the number of news)
  • Exhibitors list and exhibitor details
  • Android and iOS Apps