The CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH from Cologne offers professional consulting for the application of cloud-based mail & collaboration solutions in companies and organizations. CLOUDPILOTS assists in the choice of the ideal cloud provider, depending on who offers the greatest added value for the user and which solution might be best integrated into existing systems.

Solution concepts are presented to show how to lower infrastructural expenses and react more flexible to current market changes. The usage of adequate communication tools assists companies in the fast realization of business ideas, increases the efficiency of employees in different locations and provides an optimal flow of information even for mobile employees.

In order to implement optimized business processes, consultants and developers with many years of experience are available for the successful realization. Applications and solutions are adjusted to the individual needs of the different user groups within a company. Cloud computing offers multiple possibilities to companies of all sizes, especially for the secure and flexible use of IT-services based on demand – via internet or within a company’s network.

CLOUDPILOTS is a start-up company within the Cologne TIMETOACT group, which operates successfully in the IT-market since 1998 with several business locations in Germany. CEO of CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH is Michael Herkens. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of mail & collaboration software and held management positions in the sales and marketing department of IBM, Tech Data Midrange and Open-Xchange.